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Bring the spirit of the savannah into your outdoor space with our 3D metal elephant sculpture. Crafted from durable steel, this dignified creature is ready to roam your garden and bring an air of natural wonder to your home. Known as the largest living land animal, our metal elephant captures the iconic long trunk, tusks, and large ears that make this animal so beloved. Whether placed in a savannah-inspired landscape or nestled within the lushness of your garden, our elephant will make a powerful and tranquil addition to your outdoor decor. Known for their peaceful and gregarious nature, these intelligent creatures make for a stunning, wild garden accent that will be eye catching for years to come.


  • Made from British steel.

    1904mm length

    1189mm height

    1194mm depth

  • Delivery within 25 miles included; please call for more information regarding other areas within the UK or to arrange collection from our workshop.

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